Whether you’re planning to purchase a pre-owned motorcycle or want to ensure the safety and legal compliance of your current ride in the UAE, this guide by XBYKE is here to help.

Buying a Second-Hand Motorcycle in the UAE

When purchasing a second-hand motorcycle from a dealer in the UAE, you can generally expect it to be roadworthy. However, be cautious of loud aftermarket exhausts and other modifications that might not comply with local regulations.

Key Areas of Inspection

In the UAE, a motorcycle must comply with specific federal regulations. Inspectors will focus on core areas such as tyre wear, brakes, lights, and indicators. They may also check for chain wear, fuel and fluid leaks, and other potential hazards. For instance, is your luggage rack securely fastened? Is the bike fitted with a legal muffler?

Self-Testing Your Motorcycle

Here’s how you can check if your motorcycle is safe and likely to pass the UAE’s roadworthy test:

  1. Lights: Check if the headlight works on low and high beam, and if the taillight is on. Test the brake light by squeezing the front brake lever and checking the foot brake. Don’t forget to test the horn and indicators.
  2. Brakes: Check the levers. If there’s less than 2mm of brake pad material left, it’s time to change them. Look for fork oil leaks, as bad leaks can affect the brake pads.
  3. Fluid Leaks: Big puddles of oil or petrol flowing from the carburettor or fuel injector rail are serious issues. Even minor leaks can be a safety concern.
  4. Tyres: The wear indicators on the tyre will let you know if they are past their best. Uneven tyre wear can affect the bike’s handling, so keep an eye on tyre pressures.
  5. Local Expertise: If unsure, drop into your local XBYKE shop in the UAE to get an expert opinion.

Embracing the UAE’s Riding Culture

Ensuring your motorcycle is roadworthy is not just about compliance; it’s about embracing the UAE’s vibrant riding culture. It’s an easy 10-minute work to check if your motorcycle is safe, and something you should do regularly, especially if your bike is your everyday transport.


XBYKE is committed to promoting safe and enjoyable motorcycling in the UAE. By following this guide, you can ensure that your bike is not only roadworthy but also aligned with the local biking culture.

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