Introducing the Expert Pro RXP 450: a game-changer in off-road prowess. With its robust 450cc engine, unmatched reliability, and versatile design, this bike is tailored for both racing enthusiasts and adventurous riders seeking to conquer any terrain. Elevate your off-road journey today. Displacement, cc: 450 Number of strokes: 4 Ignition: CDI Launch system: Electric starter Warranty: 2 years _____________________ TRADE-IN your old bikes for shiny new ones with our TRADE-IN option. FREE TEST DRIVE! _____________________ Call us now to know more الضمان: سنتين _____________________ استبدل دراجتك القديمة بدراجاتنا الجديدة اللامعة باستخدام خيار التبادل. اختبر الدراجة مجاناً! _____________________ اتصل بنا الآن لمعرفة المزيد.