Sharmax GP 250 is the pinnacle of performance and comfort. Engineered for efficiency and eco-friendliness, its luxurious leather seat promises enduring comfort on every unforgettable journey. This ultimate ride balances power with environmental consciousness for an unparalleled adventure. Max Speed (km/h): 120 Number of cylinders: 1 Displacement, cc: 223 Number of strokes:4 Transmission: 6-speeds Warranty: 3 years _____________________ TRADE-IN your old bikes for shiny new ones with our TRADE-IN option. FREE TEST DRIVE! _____________________ Call us now to know more الضمان: ٣ سنوات _____________________ استبدل دراجتك القديمة بدراجاتنا الجديدة اللامعة باستخدام خيار التبادل. اختبر الدراجة مجاناً! _____________________ اتصل بنا الآن لمعرفة المزيد.