Looking for an affordable and practical motorcycle for your daily commute in the UAE? XBYKE has got you covered. Here are six motorcycles under AED 37,000 that will get you to work efficiently and affordably.

Benelli TNT135 CBS: Compact and Efficient

If your daily essentials fit into a backpack, the Benelli TNT135 CBS could be your ultimate commuting partner. This 135cc single-cylinder naked bike is compact, easy to maneuver, and offers excellent fuel efficiency. Its combined braking system and elevated seat height ensure a safe and comfortable ride. Priced at AED 16,100, it’s a steal.

CFMOTO 650MT: Versatility at its Best

The CFMOTO 650MT, though the priciest in this list, is also the most versatile. Its 649cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine is reliable for both daily commuting and weekend getaways. With excellent weather protection, a USB charging port, and a full-colour TFT screen, it’s worth every dirham of its AED 30,400 price tag.

Honda NCS110 DIO: The Efficient Scooter

If your commute doesn’t involve freeways, consider the Honda NCS110 DIO. This 108cc scooter offers twist-and-go efficiency, ample storage, and idle-stop technology for maximum fuel efficiency. Priced at AED 12,300, it’s a great choice for city dwellers.

Kawasaki KLX230 S: The Urban Dirtbike

The Kawasaki KLX230 S, a 233cc single-cylinder dirtbike, is surprisingly adept at urban commuting. Its high and narrow structure, upright seating position, and tight turning circle make it a breeze to navigate through traffic. Priced at AED 23,200, it’s a fun and practical choice.

Royal Enfield Classic 350: Old-School Charm with Modern Features

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 combines old-school charm with modern features. It comes with two-channel ABS, a USB port, and optional turn-by-turn navigation. Priced at AED 29,300, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s arguably the coolest.

Super Soco CPx: The Electric Commuter

With fuel prices on the rise, the Super Soco CPx electric scooter is a smart choice. It offers a good range, a removable battery, and plenty of features to woo commuters. Priced at AED 28,200, it’s an investment in a greener future.

Choose your perfect commuting partner at XBYKE today and make your daily commute in the UAE a breeze.

Please note: Prices are approximate conversions and may vary based on exchange rates and dealer charges. Always confirm the actual price and specifications with the seller.